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Hi Folks!

Wel­come to Iron Throne Pub­lish­ing, home of the Blade of the Iron Throne RPG!

Co-​author Michael and I formed ITP some three years ago when we began work on this licensed Sword & Sor­cery suc­ces­sor to Jake Norwood’s The Rid­dle of Steel RPG. And while it has been a long jour­ney to get Blade into print, we have both had a lot of fun, and learned much about the pub­lish­ing process to boot!

For those new to the game, Blade is tightly focused around the Sword & Sor­cery lit­er­ary genre as cre­ated by Golden Age authors such as Clark Ash­ton Smith, Manly Wade Well­man, Robert E. Howard, Fritz Leiber, Cather­ine Lucille Moore, and Henry Kuttner.

Mechan­i­cally, Blade fea­tures a cin­e­matic com­bat sys­tem that empha­sizes player tac­tics over char­ac­ter sheet num­bers – we call it our “Lime­light” sys­tem, and feel that it deliv­ers a more fluid, dra­matic pac­ing to melee scenes.

Each player’s Lime­light focuses on their char­ac­ter until some­thing sig­nif­i­cant hap­pens in that indi­vid­ual com­bat. Exam­ples include: Some­one gets wounded, loses their weapon, dies, runs, etc. Once such a “cliffhanger” is met, the Lime­light then passes to another player at the table, which builds the sus­pense of com­bat as each player awaits the return of the camera’s focus back to their char­ac­ter – secure in the knowl­edge that at least one inter­est­ing thing will occur dur­ing their turn.

There are many more fea­tures of Blade for you to explore, and we encour­age you to join in on our forum dis­cus­sions with other friendly fans of the game!

Again, Wel­come Aboard!

Your Hosts- Phil and Michael