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Sor­cery in Blade of the Iron Throne is a supremely potent, but also a supremely dan­ger­ous and mys­te­ri­ous force. The final ori­gin and the minu­tiae of the work­ing of this force are incom­pre­hen­si­ble and unknown even to its most leg­endary prac­ti­tion­ers, but one thing is cer­tain: Whether sor­cer­ous power is chan­neled from malig­nant demons or derives from the cold void between the stars, it is always an alien force that has no place in the nat­ural order of the world.

Those who prac­tice sor­cery thus deal with the ulti­mately unknown and alien, invit­ing those shady forces of “out­si­de­ness” into the world – and into them­selves. Heavy use of sor­cery taints its prac­ti­tion­ers, suf­fus­ing them with a sin­is­ter aura and quite pos­si­bly twist­ing them in mind, body, or both. Sor­cery in Blade of the Iron Throne is not a power to be tri­fled with.

And nei­ther are sor­cer­ers. Not only do they com­mand vast, earth-​shaking pow­ers, but they are also quite fre­quently intense, dri­ven peo­ple. It does after all take a cer­tain kind of per­son­al­ity to invite an uncon­quer­able, unknow­able and quite pos­si­bly inim­i­cal power into the world – and one’s own life.

While sor­cer­ers, being at best shady and more often out­right sin­is­ter char­ac­ters, are most suit­able as antag­o­nists of a cam­paign of Blade of the Iron Throne, there is noth­ing to pre­vent play­ers from assum­ing the man­tle of sor­cery for their char­ac­ters. Blade of the Iron Throne enables you to cre­ate dev­as­tat­ingly pow­er­ful sor­cer­ers even as begin­ning char­ac­ters, but that power comes at a price…