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Cred­its for Iron Throne Pub­lish­ing Web­site:

The Pub­lish­ers:

Phil Jones — Not sure what I can say about him in Public.

Michael Hei­der — This is the lik­able one.

The Web­Mas­ter:

Roy Army — Chief Geek and Web­mas­ter, Old RPGer, Reg­is­tered Liv­ing His­to­rian, Gen­eral Nerd. I can also be found @ www​.rarmy​.com

The Con­trib­u­tors:

Ivana Bra­jkovic - An Actual Liv­ing Angel

Dave Dance — Some­one with way too much time.

The Web­site:

Phil Jones — Ini­tial Cre­ative Visualization

Roy Army — Turn­ing Visu­al­iza­tion into Reality.

Site Ded­i­ca­tion:

This site is in mem­ory of Ian Plumb (19662014)