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TOPIC: Tenac­ity and pain

Tenac­ity and pain 5 years 2 weeks ago #3887

  • Allan
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Would it make sense to have a cap on TY’s abil­ity to reduce pain.
For exam­ple if you have suf­fered 20 pain total from minor wounds, but the TY has soaked it all up.
Would then come a point where even a super­man will start to feel some pain?
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Tenac­ity and pain 5 years 2 weeks ago #3888

  • Michael
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I think rather not, though I am not adamantly against it.

Actu­ally I don’t think that Pain and TY sim­u­late how pain actu­ally affects us in real life out­side of com­bat. When adren­a­lin is pump­ing and and we need to grit our teeth because our sur­vival depends on it — that’s what Pain and TY do a rea­son­ably decent job of sim­u­lat­ing. But once we are rel­a­tively at rest we really start to feel that pain we didn’t have time to feel before.

But the thing is — when we are at ease, when we are not under stress, when there’s lit­tle at stake we don’t even roll the dice in Blade, because we are after all sim­u­lat­ing adven­ture fic­tion and not real life. So a per­son with minor and mid­dling ail­ments all “soaked up” by TY would still be in con­sid­er­able pain — but he would be able to ignore the pain when it mat­ters.

And that’s what TY soak­ing up all Pain means. Being able to, when it mat­ters, grit your teeth com­pletely against the pain and per­form­ing well in spite of it. It does not mean feel­ing no pain, it does not mean not being in pain. A player who por­trays such a char­ac­ter as if there was no pain at all would be very mis­taken, and the ref­eree should advise him that even big bad bas­tards when wounded go easy on them­selves when they can.
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