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TOPIC: My group’s PAs — Feed­back welcome

My group’s PAs — Feed­back wel­come 6 years 4 months ago #3510

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Michael wrote:
I have stated repeat­edly that Phil and I designed Blade with the adult gamer in mind, who usu­ally isn’t in the happy sit­u­a­tion any­more where he ca assem­ble half a dozen pals once every week, but who can rather only scrape together one or two friends twice a month or so. This did also sug­gest Sword & Sor­cery to us, as in this genre, as you observe so rightly, we are mostly deal­ing with one or two (Fafhrd and Gray Mouser, Elak and Lycon) pro­tag­o­nists. So you are indeed fac­ing a bit of a challenge.

We defi­nately belong to that tar­get audi­ence. I’m lucky to have four friends will­ing to play once every two or three weeks. We used to have up to six play­ers, but that was changed by the evil called real life. Any­way, we try to make the best out of Blade, the play­ers are very pos­i­tive about it.

Michael wrote:
My advice is to be com­pletely open about it ask your play­ers to help you, via their PAs. Tell them what out­stand­ing indi­vid­u­als their char­ac­ters are, that it is highly unusual to find so many guys of their cal­i­bre gath­ered in one place and stick­ing together, and that this might put you in a posi­tion where you would have to stretch sus­pen­sion of dis­be­lief in an uncom­fort­able way. Tell them that you will need their help to keep their stay­ing together from feel­ing awk­ward, and that their PAs are the solution.

I’ll try, and thank you again for giv­ing lots of good advices. Our first ses­sions starts tomor­row — I’ll report how it went.

Michael wrote:
Yes! That’s the way to do it! Again, Blade is designed with the adult gamer in mind, who can’t game every week, who hasn’t got time to waste on things not happening.

Well, some­times it can be fun to game a long and hard jour­ney where not much hap­pens except for heavy rain, for­ag­ing, hunt­ing, insect bites, whis­pers in the night and a nasty cold. But I’ve seen enough of it. I’m sick of count­less dice rolls with­out any real sig­nif­i­cance. So yes, I’ll skip that.

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