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TOPIC: The Stig­mati — his­tor­i­cal Roman glad­i­a­tors — feed­back welcome

The Stig­mati — his­tor­i­cal Roman glad­i­a­tors — feed­back wel­come 5 years 7 months ago #3734

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These are the PC’s for my upcom­ing game set in the his­tor­i­cal (non-​fantasy) Roman empire. You can find more infor­ma­tion on the set­ting HERE.

Please note that I have mod­i­fied the Tal­ent Pri­or­ity Table. I made edits to the table I posted in the above thread based on feed­back I received there, fine-​tuning the Caste pick and replac­ing the Sor­cery pick with Fame. Fame is purely a role­play mechanic; there are no crunchy mechan­ics to it at this time. While magic is clearly at play in some capac­ity in the cam­paign, it is not a cen­tral or even ter­tiary theme.

Think of magic in the set­ting like that of early Game of Thrones, but Roman. Game of Romes? Any­way, here’s the Tal­ent Pri­or­i­ties:

The PC’s come from all walks of life and have been forced into glad­i­a­to­r­ial servi­tude due to their curse. They’re still work­ing on their back­grounds, descrip­tions, and moti­va­tions but for now at least the PA’s are there to build off of.
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