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TOPIC: Fimir sub­man race

Fimir sub­man race 5 years 5 months ago #3892

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Sub­man means sor­cery grown vat crea­ture with a pur­pose hence the stats
Inspi­ra­tion from Warham­mer rpg
Bn5 Cg5-​6 Dg5 Ty5 Sy2
Rx6 Am4 Kd5 Kt5 Me5
MP 810 mass weapons, brawl­ing for tail. increase weapon reach by one due to long arms
AP 4
Armour nat­ural leather, nat­ural hard leather on legs head
Skills sur­vival
Appear­ance bipedal, bar­rel chested, short pow­er­ful legs end­ing in 3 clawed toes, long arms, large snouted head with tusks, ear cav­ity not pro­trud­ing, 2m high but hunched, hair­less leath­ery skin buff to light olive, 2m clubbed tail some­times with bony spikes.
Brawler — good includ­ing tail
Anchored — good on there feet/​centre of grav­ity, –1TN to ter­rain checks includ­ing rotat­ing body to lash out with tail attack
Tail — attack with brawl­ing swing tn5 dmg1 reach S, must turn body 90 to 180d if attack­ing front , use ter­rain check maneuver.
Mourn for us oppressed in fear
Chained and shack­led we are bound
Free­dom choked in dread we live
Since Tyrant was enthroned
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Fimir sub­man race 5 years 5 months ago #3895

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Thanks! I always loved Warhammer’s Fimir and was a bit sad that Games Work­shop never did any­thing with them.
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