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TOPIC: What hap­pened to the site?

What hap­pened to the site? 4 years 4 months ago #4102

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sadly this site has become so quiet that you can’t tell if it’s still alive. What hap­pened? I know, there never was a lot of traf­fic in recent months here. But when Michael sud­denly dis­ap­peared the stream of con­ver­sa­tion became a trickle and has now com­pletely dried up.

Is still some­body check­ing this site? Or am I the only one who doesn’t know where the Blade fans went to? Are there still some groups out there who play Blade? And where is our dear host, Michael? Are you ok?

Just ask­ing
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What hap­pened to the site? 4 years 4 months ago #4103

Oh I most cer­tainly do play Blade with my group. One of my favorite games but the site has gone very quiet. I think it might have some­thing to do with the lack of addi­tional con­tent by ITP or fan sup­port for that matter.
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What hap­pened to the site? 4 years 2 months ago #4104

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We are existing/​resisting here and there. We play blade on and off and I just started another cam­paign last week. I log in once in a while as I enjoyed answer­ing threads with the lit­tle knowl­edge I had with the sys­tem, or being the res­i­dent nit­picker, but alas, as noted, its been quite a lonely place and the sud­den dis­ap­pear­ance of Michael et all sure made it worse — really, no one knows his where­abouts?

Tros and boit always worked on a niche, and I guess with­out any buzz, no influx of new mate­r­ial, mar­ket­ing, word.. It just dies out. I know the stance for blade was for it to be a stand­alone thing, and I get and respect the stance behind it — no milk­ing its play­ers with shal­low mate­ri­als and no bloating/​contradicting its core mate­r­ial (or so I get it), but a new shinny thingy always spice things up, spe­cially if its of the good type. And for all the love I have for the sys­tem I can’t help but list some things that could be improved for a sec­ond edi­tion.

That said, Blade is still here and is what it is, it will never be for the grand pub­lic, but like an ancient tomb or a sub­merged won­drous city its wait­ing to be explored and robbed for plea­sure. Welp, The Inn of the Last Regret is a truly fit­ting name for our remain­ing lot, heh.
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